The elect of The Magdalen islands want to be able to welcome tourists

Les élus des îles de La Madeleine veulent pouvoir accueillir des touristes

The elect of The Magdalen islands are urging the government of Quebec to agree with the neighboring provinces so that Quebec can have access to the archipelago for the summer.

In the last days, a “cascade” of cancellations has been recorded on the Islands, to the point where the tourist season is seriously compromised.

It must be said that the access to the islands is currently still very limited and complex. The borders of New Brunswick and Prince Edward island are closed to the interprovincial movement. Thus, it is sometimes difficult to be able to make it to the ferry in Souris on Prince Edward island.

“The situation is such that with all the cancellations that it has since the beginning of this situation, with the fear that it engenders, this will not impact only for this year, it could last beyond this year. The challenge is enormous,” explained the mayor of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Jonathan Lapierre.

The tourism industry generates an economic impact of nearly $ 100 million each year. Almost 1800 jobs are related to this activity sector, has been recalled by the mayor Lapierre.

“When we see the cancellations announced by the ferry, we see very well the impacts that it will have for our summer. In our case, for example, it requires us to renounce to all employees that it must be coming from outside of the islands,” reported the owner of the restaurant ocean breeze in the Islands, Francois Guay.

A little more than three-quarters (76 %) of visitors arriving to the Islands by sea to the Islands.

“Is there a pilot in the plane or a captain in the boat for these negotiations? We don’t know who is leading these discussions-there”, said the mp, pq, Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Joël Arseneau.

“It is as if we were not determined to be a solution or propose things that are not very complex”, he added.

The elected representatives of the Islands are demanding that the government of the Quebec act in the coming days in this folder.

The office of the minister responsible for the Relations of canada and the canadian Francophonie, Sonia Lebel, it indicates that discussions are still ongoing with the neighbouring provinces. It seems, however, to have the little opening to allow the circulation of tourists in quebec on their territory.

The government is currently working on a solution entirely in quebec for access to the Islands.

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