The elected americans anxious about the outbreak of COVID-19

Les élus américains inquiets face à la flambée de COVID-19

Does it reconfiner a part of the United States ? The elected alarmaient Sunday of the outbreak cases of coronavirus in their cities to the South and the american West minimized by president Donald Trump.

America, who registers for more than a week of infections, record, celebrated this weekend its national day, known for its family gatherings, barbecues, and fireworks, in spite of the pandemic.

On the beach in new york at Coney Island re-opened for swimming since Wednesday, there are few holidaymakers sunbathing hidden. Mark Ruiz, who came to the picnic with his wife and two children said, “clearly worried”, but had no idea to stay home for the festivities of the “4th of July”.

“I need to get my children, told AFP the man, 37-year-old. We can’t stay in a bubble all summer.”

Attempting to control the spread of the virus as the authorities admit that they don’t fully control, some States have put it on pause, or even back-pedaled in their déconfinement.

This weekend, the beaches of Los Angeles were once again closed, and Miami under curfew. In question, a déconfinement considered to be too premature, particularly in the South and West of the country.

“We were among the last to be confined, and the first to déconfiner”, was complaining to ABC’s Kate Gallego, mayor of the capital of Arizona, Phoenix.

The number of patients admitted to intensive care units in the State’s South-West reached unprecedented levels since the beginning of the crisis this weekend, with nearly 90% of beds occupied.

This spectacular increase is regularly minimized by Donald Trump, who has assured on Saturday that the United States was “on the point” to get out of this health crisis. “Our country is back, the employment figures are spectacular”, has he hammered in a video message.

Not hiding his exasperation, the mayor, a democrat from the city of texas in Austin, described the tone of the president’s “dangerous” for the inhabitants of his city, including the intensive care units are likely to be overwhelmed “by ten days”.

“When they start hearing mixed messages out of Washington, more and more of them do not wear a mask, stop the social distancing”, has he lamented on CNN.

While refusing to contradict the words of the president, the boss of the american agency of drugs (FDA) Stephen Hahn urged on Sunday all the Americans to “take this situation seriously.” The pandemic has caused nearly 130, 000 deaths on american soil and the United States now holds a quarter of all cases of coronavirus recorded in the world.

“What we need now, is to do what works, a containment”, advocated Sunday, Lina Hidalgo, high chief of the county that encompasses the city of Houston, home of the epidemic in Texas.

The local authorities have hitherto been reluctant to invite the inhabitants to reconfiner due to the weight of this measure on the us economy, already undermined since February.

But despite an increase in hospitalizations, “the restaurants are always open. The events may still take place, regardless of their size”, and lamented it. “This is what I’m facing.”

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