The elected officials of Lévis were sworn in

L & eacute; vis's readings have been sworn in

MISE & Agrave; DAY

& nbsp; The elected municipal officers of the City of Lévis were sworn in, Sunday afternoon, in their new functions for the next four years. & nbsp;

The Mayor Gilles Lehouillier has thus taken over the reins of the city for a third term after being re-elected with nearly 74% of the vote on November 7.

“Me, I have lived through two terms and the more we advance, the more we become attached to our population. Funny huh? And more, I would say, the passion increases, ”declared the mayor.

Serge Bonin of the Repensons Lévis party has also become the only elected official who will sit on the side of the opposition out of the 15 who have were sworn in.

Three other new people will also take their first steps on the municipal council, including coroner Andrée Kronström who made the leap to politics after more than 20 years as a coroner.


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