The elected republicans have hidden a positive case of COVID-19

Des élus républicains ont caché un cas positif de COVID-19

Parliamentary democrats of the u.s. State of Pennsylvania called Thursday for the resignation of republican colleagues after the revelation that one of them had been tested positive for the coronavirus, but this may not have filtered for a week, a case that is exacerbating the divisions in partisan around the pandemic.

Several democrats in the House of representatives of Pennsylvania had left to burst their anger in the assembly chamber on Wednesday, one of them, calling them “liars ruthless” the leaders of the republican majority.

The republicans have you the diagnosis because they feared that this would contradict their position that it is “safe to interact with other people and get back to work”, has accused an elected democrat Brian Sims, in a video released late Wednesday.

“It’s the ultimate hypocrisy of republican”, he added, saying that the republicans had ceased to minimise the risk of the pandemic in Pennsylvania, and refused for some of the use of masks in the chamber.

According to the opposition, the elected republican Andrew Lewis was avoided for days to reveal publicly that he had tested positive for the Covid-19, and its leaders have also refused to announce it.

Three republicans who have been in contact with him were quarantined, but had previously participated in several plenary sessions and in commissions, accused the democrats.

“During this time, they were tested positive. They warned each other, but we were not notified,” said Brian Sims.

Andrew Lewis explained on Wednesday that he had been present at the House until may 14, and was discovered to be suffering from Covid-19 20 may.

It was then immediately placed in quarantine, but had not publicly revealed for privacy, he said. Heads republicans have recommended it to several of their elected representatives to isolate.

According to their spokesperson, Mike Straub, they have followed the instructions of the government and the people have been in contact with the sick have been prevented.

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