The electric bikes are not unanimously

Les vélos électriques ne font pas l’unanimité

Sometimes confused with motorcycles or mopeds, electric bikes are gaining in popularity, but are not as happy.

Sales of bicycles with electrical assistance have soared 60% during the pandemic. At EBike Universe, at Quebec, the entire inventory needs to be redone each week.

Trade specialized in electric bicycles has sold more in 70 days than in the year 2019 in full.

The increase in sales rhymes also with the traffic congestion on the cycle tracks and many of these users do not respect the speed limit of 32 kilometers per hour, regulated by law.

Difficult Cohabitation

Some users of bicycle electric assist would go too fast, but the retailers ensure that devices sold in the branch comply with the law.

“If the people want change, they will change, but they will suffer the consequences if they break the laws. That’s for sure! Same thing if they do not want to wear the helmet, which is mandatory,” says Dean Verreau, the owner of the shop EBike Universe.

It can be difficult to distinguish between the nature of the bike say electric because of, inter alia, of the absence of a license plate official and the presence of pedals.

“There is a problem in the very definition of what it is. A job is started because it is precisely the regulatory changes between Transport Canada and Transports Québec,” says the spokesperson for Vélo Québec, Magali Bebronne.

Vélo Québec is expected to see changes as to the presence of these electric bikes in the coming months on the various cycle paths of the province.

-With the information from Kevin Dupont, TVA News

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