The elephant took revenge on the cruel people for her baby: video

The elephant took revenge on the cruel people for her baby: video

In one of the villages of the Indian state of West Bengal, an angry elephant trampled to death man.

May 21, 2019 at 15:20


Слониха отомстила жестоким людям за своего детеныша: видео

Слониха отомстила жестоким людям за своего детеныша: видео

The tragic incident happened in the village of Insuli may 17. The locals know that nearby, on one of the dry lakes, giving birth to an elephant, and went to look at it. However, the baby was born sick and weak – despite all the efforts mother’s side, he couldn’t stand up. The noisy crowd was watching this, having surrounded the mother and her baby and shooting events. The elephant tried to steal a newborn baby in the forest, but suddenly people showed unreasonable aggression and began to throw her and the calf rocks.

Even at this point, the elephant showed patience and was initially scared off the offenders with a thud. But it had no effect, and then an angry mother began to attack the offenders. Daily Mail reports that resulted in the death of one of the participants in violent scenes, 27-year-old man named Sailen Mahato (Shailen Mahato).

Pregnancy in elephants is the longest among mammals; it lasts from 18 to 22 months, even though the fetus is fully developed already to 19 months and then only grows in size. Usually the female bears a single young weighing about 100 kg every three to four years. The bond between mother and newborn is very strong, and, in addition, the education of little help to her other females. Thus, the protective maternal instinct of the elephants is at an extremely high level.

After the tragedy, the situation in the village worsened: in the surrounding woods, wandering around stoned elephant, and about ten of her relatives. They look agitated, and local authorities forbade people to enter the forest, until the animals will not rest and will not go away. A newborn elephant has not yet been able to get out of the open to the shelter of the saving of the jungle, and his mother does not leave the area.

Experts remind that due to deforestation the elephants are deprived of usual habitats, and often come to the dwelling of man. According to WWF, in India more than 100 people die each year in collisions with elephants, and worldwide this figure is around 500. In turn, villagers are taking revenge on the elephants for destroying their crops. As a result of this confrontation, the Indian elephant population has declined from 100,000 in the mid-twentieth century to the 35 000 – 50 000. Find out how the elephant crushed the people in Sri Lanka.


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