The emergence of humanity: a new probable date

Возникновение человечества: названа новая вероятная дата

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Guangzhou have come to the conclusion that archaic humans has gone beyond Africa, more than 2.12 million years ago. As recalled by ScienceNews, previously the oldest evidence of hominids (great apes) out of Africa was considered to be the remains of the ancient people, found in Dmanisi (Georgia). The age of fossils discovered there that belonged to the species Homo erectus (Homo erectus), made up 1.77 to 1.85 million years.

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In the course of excavations in Central China, anthropologists have found 96 artifacts, which represent stones with pointy edges or sharp tips and flat stones, with which he handled the tools. Ancient stone tools recovered from layer of sedimentary rocks in the mountainous areas of China (southern part of the Loess plateau) and using the paleomagnetic Dating (measurement of the residual magnetization of rocks), and determined their approximate age.

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Since the excavations have not yet been able to discover fossils, scientists are unable to conclude that the tools really belonged to the ancient people of the species Homo erectus.

We will remind, earlier “FACTS” reported three-toed mummies from Peru belonging to the unknown science of man.

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