“The emotions overwhelm”: leading “the Bachelor” Gregory Reshetnik about the passion for the project and the trump card of Nikita Dobrynin

“Эмоции захлестнут”: ведущий “Холостяка” Григорий Решетник о страсти на проекте и главном козыре Никиты Добрынина

Romantic reality TV “the Bachelor”, which is an adaptation of the popular American project “The Bachelor”, now in its ninth year, airs on TV channel STB. The terms show male-bachelor chooses his bride from 25 women. The season finale is only two girls, between which and the unfolding struggle over the heart of a hero. This year, the place of the Bachelor took the presenter Nikita Dobrynin. Viewers already watching the UPS and downs on the project, making bets on the other contestant. With each release the intensity of emotions higher, more treacherous intrigue, and competition is becoming tougher.

What is the main difference between the current Bachelor of heroes of the past, what girl is able to conquer his heart and why couples break up after the end of the project to all these questions “Znayu” said the permanent host of the reality Grigoriy Reshetnik.

“Эмоции захлестнут”: ведущий “Холостяка” Григорий Решетник о страсти на проекте и главном козыре Никиты Добрынина

Gregory Reshetnik – a leading reality TV the Bachelor

Grisha – not just leading, he’s a friend, counselor and motivator of every single. His voice is mesmerizing, and his smile has on trust and support. Grisha knows about Singles and relationships between couples, and even more.

The main character of the reality known TV presenter, just like you. Were there any conflicts on the basis of competition?

Of course not, because we with Nikita have long been familiar, communicated, worked in partnership on the same stage. I am very glad that he is our Bachelor. Because I never had to meet and find a common language. And believe me, the Bachelor, just don’t have time to think about some competition. He thinks only about girls, there emotions, feelings and a full range of feelings. We each understand their functions. Nikita does not claim the role of leader, I’m not trying to evoke sympathy from participants. We are – professionals. I try to help the participants to find their own happiness.

“Эмоции захлестнут”: ведущий “Холостяка” Григорий Решетник о страсти на проекте и главном козыре Никиты Добрынина

9 season really Bachelor

What do you think influenced the unprecedented hype around the new “Bachelor”?

It seems to me that we are in this season, as always, made the show interesting, successful. We now have more international trips than last season. This is the first factor. The second factor – Nikita recognizable, shall we say, classically charismatic. Plus, I think, great casting of the girls.

Participants are already being charmed, Nikita, and how easy is it to make him angry and withdraw from yourself?

I think that Nikita knows how to be patient and control myself, but you can, of course, angry and annoyed, and these points will be in the season you need to look carefully. Each person can get yourself a particular behavior, to piss off, but a real man until the end trying to cope with their feelings and to control myself. Girls are very strong in their charms, so our Nikita is not easy.

If you compare the castings of previous years, who this time impressed you most?

It is difficult to answer immediately. I like girls to be themselves, and I am constantly trying to help the girls too, to open up, because in society there is a stereotype that the initiative needs to be only male. And we want your project to break this stereotype. And I keep telling that girl it’s alright to take the initiative if a man likes. Especially in the project “the Bachelor.”

“Эмоции захлестнут”: ведущий “Холостяка” Григорий Решетник о страсти на проекте и главном козыре Никиты Добрынина

Nikita surveyed

If we talk about your personal life, it was Cristina the initiator of Dating?

No, I was the initiator.

If she then took the initiative, you would pay attention to it?

I’ll explain very simply. Self-sufficient men like self-sufficient girls. They are not afraid of taking the initiative from the girls, and even like. Because modern men are lazy. They are busy, development and work, so if a girl somehow suggests, makes signs, organizes a date is just a bonus, the jackpot for men. Shy men, shy men, men afraid, so nothing wrong with that. In my situation it so happened that I noticed Christine took the initiative, it all came together.

When she first takes the initiative – a man may perceive it as coercive. As this line does not move?

All depends on the girl. A girl has to be interested in the man. Very often girls are wrong and tell on the first date only about themselves. Here is just one of the terrible mistakes! That is, the man can’t say nothing. Further – very often girls are exaggerating, in the same way as men. Exaggerate, embellish – and that’s fine. But when we slightly changed, there comes the element of frustration.

“Эмоции захлестнут”: ведущий “Холостяка” Григорий Решетник о страсти на проекте и главном козыре Никиты Добрынина

Gregory Reshetnik from participating in reality TV the Bachelor

You are always so positive. What to do when you’re mad? For example, blushing, biting his nails.

Blushing and biting his nails – was in school, I guess. Already weaned yourself from these habits. Sometimes witty breaks, of course. I’m pretty emotional. A lot of events in my life – experiences, different emotions: both positive and negative. There are different situations. I’m angry, scary guy, but emotional flashes do not last long, I am very forgiving. If I’m wrong, I always admit my mistake, the blame and apologize if someone was rude. Gregory – not always positive. We are all different people, but try to be positive was much more in my life. Although sometimes to annoy – also helps: themselves, the world around us.

In this season of the reality a lot of romance and travel. It means travel, still with the same members. How does your wife react to this?

Thank God for 9 seasons, the wife has learned to calmly respond. If possible, I always take it with you. Loves her crew. She’s in perfect relationship with Nikita. We have a very trusting relationship. I am her very grateful. She lets go on business trips. First of all there is romance in the relationship bachelor and the bachelorette, but for me it’s a job. I love when the wife is with me on set.

“Эмоции захлестнут”: ведущий “Холостяка” Григорий Решетник о страсти на проекте и главном козыре Никиты Добрынина

Gregory Reshetnik with his wife and Nikita Dobrynin

In the past editions were already passionate kissing, Dating are becoming more intimate. What naughty things can you expect this season?

More intimacy, kissing. This is just the beginning! Believe me, if the hero and heroine already kissed, then the next date will be even hotter. Even more romance, beautiful places. This is just the start of real suffering. Very hot season, hot emotions – all thanks to Nikita, who is bold and open to passion.

Reality is not without scandals. Girls fighting, fighting, crying, someone leaving the project on their own initiative. What awaits this time?

This Friday surprise from Gregory Reshetnik, who will make a splash, scandal, discussion, and girls will not, of course, delighted with the surprise. But it’s all done for them to bring feelings to a higher level. I know how to surprise. Not only scandal, intrigue, and incredible emotions completely overwhelm all the characters.

Every date on the project – it is an emotional outburst. And not like you, perhaps temporarily, to take the place of the Bachelor?

I was single and so in love with his present-day life. I love it: children, family, relationships – something to aspire to all bachelors. Don’t want anything and would not trade my family a wonderful life the emotions of a bachelor’s life. I had my bachelor period, bright, beautiful. But now I enjoy family life and do everything to ensure that everyone found their soul mate and found a real family happiness, because it’s true.

Many condemn “the Bachelor” because no happy ending – a real wedding. Yes, a short period pair meet, but no more. Why is this happening?

I’ll explain very simply. First, in our show there are no such scenario, defined roles, replicas, the second of the duplicates – we do not perenimaet. And that’s the success of “the Bachelor” for nine seasons. This is the most discussed show of the country. Upon request to Google we’re always first. Due to the fact that it’s a reality, we have the confidence of the audience. Second question – our project is not about the wedding. We have a project about the relationship between a man and a woman, about the elements of courtship. A wedding is not an end in itself. It says nastasescu. Formed a couple: she lives, communicating after the project. I will tell you, some Bachelors lived for six months with the choice. Yes, a little bit not enough, but life happens. Therefore, whether a wedding or not – does not depend on us, and do not want to do it artificially. It’s a reality where really involved the fate of the people and to build the element of trust.

“Эмоции захлестнут”: ведущий “Холостяка” Григорий Решетник о страсти на проекте и главном козыре Никиты Добрынина

Nikita Dobrynin

Which girl can win the heart of Nikita? What qualities should she possess?

For Nikita, a very important authenticity. He speaks about it. Women often give themselves the same date and in the circle of participants is a completely different person. There I good and fluffy, and girls bitch. Accordingly the girl is all talk. The second point is this fluid connection. This is also important. Passion, feelings. We have many different passionate meetings. It again really. So another trump card of Nikita, and how it differs from the others because he was married. This is very important. He is able to make decisions, be responsible. He knows what it’s like to be married. I mean, he’s already a little bit different looks – and this was not one Bachelor.

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