The empire by Morin collapses

L’empire de Maripier Morin s’écroule

By Morin suspends all his professional activities to undertake a therapy.

This announcement comes 24 hours after the host had recognized that it had adopted a “reprehensible behaviour” towards Safia Nolin, who is accused of sexual harassment, physical assault and have held the racist.

In a press release, By Morin indicates that she wants to take her physical and mental health in hand.

“I’m not trying to excuse my actions and my words, I rather try to understand and, most importantly, to find the help I need. I begin, therefore, a therapy with professionals who will be able to help me. “

She thanked her lover, the actor Jean-Philippe Perras, his friends, his family and his team. She has also deleted all of its publications on Instagram, where it has 548 000 subscribers.

Emissions removed

The developments of the past few days have shaken the empire By Morin built for the past ten years.

Bell Media has removed its emissions (Code F, Code C, But why ? and By !) of all its platforms, Crave, Z and VRAK. Same thing with Videotron. Studio G is no longer available on illico.

As for the filming of the new episodes, But why ?, that were current, the situation will be reviewed “later,” said Patrick Tremblay of Bell Media.

Ditto for The flaw. The first season is still available to subscribers of Club illico, but as for the shoots planned this winter, the production box Pixcom and Quebecor Content ” assess the situation “, says Veronica Mercier, the VAT Group.

Contracts lost

The facilitator has lost its contracts with Blush, a lingerie brand, and BonLook, an eyewear montreal which applies a “zero tolerance policy” in the face of harassment in all its forms.

After an emergency meeting in the afternoon, the leaders of Buick in Canada have decided to suspend their partnership with the facilitator ” for the moment “.

  • Listen to the interview of the lawyer François-David Bernier with Jean-François Baril at QUB Radio:

“GM Canada makes it a point of honour to respect the moral and ethical standards the highest,” says the auto giant.

The side of Reebok, it tells us that their association was ended in February.

Professor of marketing, ESG UQAM, Caroline Lacroix attributes the speed at which these brands have been deserted By Morin to the context in which this scandal broke.

“It occurs in the midst of a pandemic, while there is much talk of the movement Black Lives Matter and #MoiAussi. It touches on subjects which are extremely sensitive. “

In Revlon, it is radio silence.

  • LISTEN to the fiery debate between Varda Étienne and Caroline St-Hilaire on the case Nolin-Morin, at QUB radio:

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