The empty shelves and the lack of Wi-Fi: Elena-Cristina Swan went to “Paradise” travel Rozenko

Пустые полки и отсутствие Wi-Fi: Елена-Кристина Лебедь отправилась в "райское" путешествие с Розенко

today, 08:47

Famous Ukrainian TV presenter Elena-Cristina Swan and the bride of the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko went on a Christmas vacation together to Cuba.

Presenter actively leads his Instagram page and often pleases fans of various movies and images. She also shared and photos with guests.

In the photo leading the New channel smiling and posing in short dresses and a bathing suit on a background of Cuban landscapes.

Coconut and pineapples there really licorice and juicy. But local oranges – sour. There are no traffic jams because there are almost no cars – an old Lada, Moscow and a flagship road traffic, – retro-cars for tourists, unrealistic colors and patterns, “he told Swan.

But despite the positive experience, several Elena-Cristina on the island confused.

There is no service. Even wet wipes can be a problem. There is no sale. Better to take 10 packs from home. The empty shelves, the beans, the tomatoes, the empty shelves, the juice of one orange, but alcohol – plenty, “admitted the leader.

Surprise to a leading New channel called and denied access to the Internet, which can be obtained only by special cards.

“To find the Wi-Fi is a fun quest. Subsequently, we have learned to recognize where a crowd of people who stared at the phone, there is Wi-Fi (smiles). But due to the fact that such points are the same all residents of the city and all the tourists, there is “very vibeology”: “Sorry, well as you can. So, without pictures. So, can’t update FB,” he told the star.

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