The end of summer: Anna GRES told about pregnancy, work and eco-friendly habits

Actress show “Muahahahaha” shared his impressions of bright summer moments

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Итоги лета: Аня Гресь рассказала о беременности, работе и эко-привычках


Summer ends, but that’s no reason to be sad, because so many interesting things behind, and ahead – so much new! Actress show “Muahahahaha” on channel UFO TV Anna GRES told about the brightest moments of the summer, plans for the future and preparing for the birth of the first child.

Watch video about the stars who managed to hide her pregnancy from the paparazzi:

  • Anya, what were your most vivid events of this summer?

An MP and the anniversary of her husband (Roman Grischuk – husband Ani – became the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine), my rounded belly, a trip to Morshyn to the plant for the production of water and long family vacations on the sea.

  • Were you able to relax?

Failed! It was a family holiday and to the maximum. As a result, even nothing in Instagram did not spread – a measure that was really cool!

  • How do you balance pregnancy and work? How hard it is for you?

Everything is fine! I feel great and told everyone that the pregnancy is not a disease! I’m as active as before pregnancy, and for that I thank of your baby. I very comfortable with him, and my stomach does not affect the work! However, at the last concert of the show “was Muahahahaa” I have because of that had fewer numbers than usual. Guys feared me to load (although I said that everything is OK). And it is strange to be paunchy in the room “first date”, for example. But Irina Khomenko with Alice Turkevich rooms added!

Итоги лета: Аня Гресь рассказала о беременности, работе и эко-привычках

Anna GRES husband

  • Whether to try something new this summer?

New globally – to be pregnant and finally in the case to answer the workpiece to “how are you?” – “I’m hanging in there”.

  • This summer you have a new eco-habits?

New not increased, but the old remained. As before, sorting trash and taking to the station processing. Use eco-bags, minimizing the amount of plastic and do not buy unnecessary things and clothes.

  • Is it hard to choose a swimsuit for pregnant?

Have not experienced any difficulties. Bought two one-piece swimsuit: one red with a cutout, the second black on one shoulder. I don’t really like the kind of naked pregnant belly, so the question of mixed bathing and could not be. And the sizes are all approx.

  • You, along with her husband love to travel – as, in your opinion, will change the format of your rest with the birth of a child?

Everything will depend on the nature of the baby. I hope he will be fine and easy to carry flights to be able to relax together in interesting new places.

Итоги лета: Аня Гресь рассказала о беременности, работе и эко-привычках

Anna GRES husband

  • How do you imagine your perfect vacation the three of us?

Wintering in Bali is my dream! Beach, sunsets, sea, fruit, and only three of us. Summer is the perfect time to relax, reboot and eat fruit.

  • That is to say thank you this summer?

For a wonderful (sometimes) weather, good people and awesome memories!

Recently it became known that the famous TV presenter Timur Miroshnichenko will become a father for the second time.

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