The End of The F***ing World : no season 3 for the series, the showrunneuse explains why

The End of the F***ing World : pas de saison 3 pour la série, la showrunneuse explique pourquoi

The End of The F***ing World : no season 3 for the series, the showrunneuse explains why

After a season with 2 successful and appreciated by the fans, The End of The F***ing World will it have the right to be a season 3 ? Unfortunately not if one believes the showrunneuse Charlie Covell. In a recent interview, she explained why the series, which aired on Netflix, there will be no sequel. Not too disappointed ?

It will be necessary to wait two years before discovering the season 2 of The End of The F***ing World, but honestly, the wait was worth it. The fans will also agree with us to say that this sequel is far from a flop. Good post, some have perhaps not appreciated, but the majority was not disappointed. And then, it is necessary to say that Netflix has been very successful promotion by sowing doubt about the potential death of James (Alex Lawther). If you have not yet seen season 2, do not read the rest of the article.

No season 3 for The End of The F***ing World

Even if the return of the teen psychopath was obvious, it was still a nice surprise to see that he has survived his injury. He has been able to pick up Alyssa and help him to escape with Bonnie, the new character of the result of The End of The F***ing World. After several misadventures, James and his accomplice had the right to have a happy ending… which leaves little hope for a season 3 : the last episode offers no open end like that of season 1. And actually, the british series will not go further away.

This is the showrunneuse Charlie Covell who announced the bad news in an interview with RadioTimes : “I think that will be all for me. Yeah, it’s done. I think that trying to learn more would be a mistake, I love the place where we left it (…) If I hadn’t been able to do the second season, I would have really been disgusted. I like where I left the series, it seems to give justice to the story. And, of course, you can only write what people expect. I think that you must write for the characters and for the story.” Not too sad ?

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