The end of the session in the tail of a fish

Fin de session en queue de poisson

The parliamentary session history that has just ended has experienced brief moments of harmony, to end in acrimony. The last few weeks have been marked by the humiliation of Canada on the international stage, accusations of racism, a parliament paralyzed, and the fury of China. Tour of the horizon.


A certain harmony prevailed in parliament at the beginning of the pandemic. The parties have set aside their partisanship in order to tighten the emergency social safety net. But the discord has impeded the necessary reforms of some programs, such as Providing canadian emergency and the implementation of aid for the left out, such as people with disabilities. The parties are now looking at dogs of earthenware, paralyzing the rare work of a virtual parliament inept.

SLAP in the face OF The UN TRUDEAU

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has lived the last week its worst humiliation on the international stage. There is no other way to say it. The prime minister is personally in large part to the failure of Canada to obtain a non-permanent seat on the security Council of the UN. This seat it was his baby, his horse of battle. It is clear that the star of Mr. Trudeau has considerably faded, it was considered a true star on the world stage. Mr. Trudeau embodied the antidote to populism to Trump, which infects the West. But, despite the beautiful speeches of the prime minister, the facts are stubborn. And in fact, Canada contributes less in proportion to its economy in peace missions and in international assistance to the winners, Norway and Ireland. The world has seen in Justin Trudeau what we already knew, here : a leader who often preferred the sermons to the action.


The visceral reaction of the leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh, who has dealt with a bloquiste racist in the full House of commons, is astounding. Mr. Singh is more known for his messages of love, courage, and compassion that for this kind of insults. She translates the ras-le-bol of the people of colour who have to deal with racism. But it is also surprising that Mr. Singh refuses to apologize. In his eyes, those who do not recognize the systemic racism are necessarily racist. The argument is a bit short. And one might ask what this leads for the NDP. Dropped-t-it is definitely the Quebec ? Justin Trudeau, him, gave, in refusing to condemn the comments of Mr. Singh. The prime minister has missed a great opportunity to rise above the fray. The problems of racism in Quebec and Canada will be resolved not with blows of insults.


China has further intensified its reprisals against Canada by charging strictly for espionage-two Canadians detained since now a year and a half. It was, unfortunately, to be expected. The action of China follows the decision, last may, the canadian court to pursue the extradition to the United States a leader of the telecom Huawei. Justin Trudeau said he is “disappointed” by avoiding, once again, tancer the chinese giant. But more and more voices are rising to demand that Ottawa monte also the tone or retaliates. But Justin Trudeau seems determined to follow the same strategy of appeasement, despite its lack of success.

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