The English are divided

The English are divided


The England players' decision to take the knee to the ground ahead of their game against Iran today demonstrated the divisions that exist among Three Lions supporters.

< p>We went to meet the fans before the meeting held at the Khalifa International stadium.

Makky, who was wrapped in an English flag, judged the approach favorably.

“&nbsp ;It's important for the players on the pitch to demonstrate what they believe in so that everyone knows. ”

You could feel that the decision of his compatriots warmed his heart.

“I am proud of them because things are changing, there is progress in one way or another. from another. »


Some Crusader supporters were on the contrary very virulently opposed to the decision of the English players.

“Booo! That's freakin' stupid and I don't agree. To hell with the knee,” insisted Mark very explicitly.

Later, we were treated to a version of the same speech, but with more moderation on the part of some.

“I don't really respect this decision. Every player should be able to do what they want, I don't agree and I think it's a mistake. ”

Open Conversation

Anyway, the main thing is that we have a conversation on the subject, especially in a country where the rights of LGBTQ+ people are flouted.

“We can thus show the diversity of opinion to other cultures,” believes Karen, one of the few women who wanted to speak.

Olivia and Tom, a couple, found themselves between two chairs on the issue.

“If it's important for the players, I'm all for it, but it doesn't really mean much to me,” admitted Tom.

“I think that's a good thing, it keeps the dialogue open. If that's what they want, I support them,” added his wife.