The entry ban in Canada is extended until 31 July

L’interdiction d’entrée au Canada est étendue jusqu’au 31 juillet

Ottawa extends the closing of the borders to foreign visitors until July 31, to reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19.

Only members of the immediate family of a canadian citizen or a permanent resident are exempt from this prohibition, adopted by decree yesterday.

The document indicates that “there is no other reasonable solution to prevent the introduction or spread of the disease in Canada.”

United States

The decree excludes, however, the United States. For the american nationals, the date of reopening of the border is always set to the 21st of June, but it could still change.

Not move forward on a date, Prime minister Trudeau said yesterday at a press conference :

“The restrictions at the border will continue. We will continue to talk about this later in the next month on the next steps. “

Elsewhere, the progressive reopening of the borders, however, has begun. Canadian tourists will be so welcome in the countries of the european Union as soon as tomorrow.


But Ottawa always recommends you avoid all travel to non-essential abroad, and reminds those who travel that they should always isolate 14 days of their return to the country.

“If we want not to lose all the progress that we have made in the last few months, it will be necessary that we continue to be vigilant even in this new phase of the pandemic,” said Justin Trudeau.

“Although the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to decrease in Canada, the increase in the number of infections in many other countries reminds us of how the situation can change quickly and how fast this virus can spread,” says for its part, the public health branch of Canada.

There are 103 918 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 8 566 deaths. 65 % of confirmed cases are now recovered.

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