The epidemic of coronavirus slows down in the United Kingdom, which accelerates its déconfinement

L’épidémie de coronavirus ralentit au Royaume-Uni, qui accélère son déconfinement

The United Kingdom registered on Monday, less than 1000 additional cases of contamination, and 15 new deaths due to the coronavirus, “progress”, which grow on the uk government to lift a little more containment, introduced in mid-march.

The epidemic of coronavirus has made 15 additional deaths in the Uk, the weakest balance sheet daily “since march 15,” announced Monday the Health minister, Matt Hancock, stating, however, that the figures published after the weekend were generally lower than the rest of the week.

With a balance sheet total of 42 647 dead, the United Kingdom is the european country most affected by the epidemic, but the latest figures are all “down and show that [they go] in the right direction”, said the minister.

Monday morning, less than 1000 people (958) had been reported as positive to the virus in the last 24 hours. “For the first time since the peak of the epidemic, we have less than 5,000 people hospitalized with the coronavirus”, he added, welcoming the fact that the disease is more than”about one in 1700, as against a on 400 a month ago”.

“We are making visible progress and these figures show that our plan is working,” said Mr Hancock, pushing the government to further relax the measures related to the containment, introduced in mid-march for the fight against the spread of the epidemic.

While some children are back to school and that stores non-essential re-open gradually its doors to the prime minister Boris Johnson is expected to formally announce on Tuesday the date of the highly anticipated re-opening of pubs and restaurants, sketched out for the 4th of July.

So far, the 2.2 million Britons the most vulnerable had not been able to take advantage of these improvements, the government having been advised to continue to avoid physical contact and stay with them.

The minister of Health has, however, announced, Monday, that they also may now begin to déconfiner, allowing from 6 July to meet outside in a group of six people. These extremely vulnerable people will no longer be subject to containment measures specific to the protect from the August 1st and will then be encouraged to return to work.

This advance is permitted by a decrease in the rate of infection, and the beautiful time, explained the deputy head of health services british, Jenny Harries, who was cautioned, however, that it may not last and that specific measures could be taken to the approach of winter.

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