The epidemic of COVID-19 to be under control in France, according to experts

L'épidémie de COVID-19 sous contrôle en France, selon les experts

PARIS | The epidemic of COVID-19 is currently “controlled” in France, said Friday the president of the scientific Council, professor Jean-François Delfraissy.

“The virus continues to circulate, particularly in certain regions (…) but it circulates at a low speed. Where it was roughly several tens of thousands of cases, around 80 000 new cases per day at the beginning of march before confinement, it is estimated that there is now around 1,000 cases, almost”, he explained on the radio France Inter.

“It shows that there is a significant reduction. And then, above all, it has all the tools to detect these new cases. It has the tests, there is a whole system then isolation and contact of the contacts, which helps to prevent, obviously, the extension,” added the Pr Delfraissy, a specialist in immunology.

The scientific council, responsible for guiding the public authorities in the management of the crisis related to the COVID-19, was released Thursday, a new opinion recommending to prepare for “four likely scenarios” for the coming months, ranging from an “epidemic under control,” a “degraded critical”.

“We believe that this is the scenario number one, that is to say control of the epidemic, which is most likely. It is related to both the consequences of the confinement, it is related to the fact that this virus may be sensitive to some form of temperature”, said Mr Delfraissy.

The number of patients in the intensive care unit in France continues to decline on a daily basis, with a little over 1,000 patients in a serious condition, compared to more than 7 000 two months ago.

29.065 people have died of the disease in France, since the beginning of the epidemic.

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