The eraser

La gomme à effacer

I woke up one morning, and when I turned on the radio, there were only songs of Passe-Partout , who had been playing in a loop.

Ha !, this is good music, with good values, songs without controversy.

Fortunately, the leaders of the radio have done away with the songs of Michael Jackson, Éric Lapointe, Bernard Adamus, of Alaclair Ensemble, Patrick Bruel, Alex Nevsky, Kevin Parent, Simple Plan.

Bye Bye to the tunes of Plume Latraverse (too much cursing). Goodbye the classic Felix Leclerc as The 100 000 ways to kill a man, too violent.

I started my day by humming it : “balaclava like butterflies / The brand new shoes and fine jackets… La lalala lalala la “


After my first cup of coffee organic fair-that I get from a grocery store bulk vegan intersectional anti-globalization, I turned on the tv. There was more than videos of cats that used to run in a loop.

It has removed all the variety shows, quizzes, cooking shows, talk-shows, where, for the last ten years, Éric Salvail, By Morin, Kevin Parent, Eric Lapointe, Alex Nevsky, Gilbert Rozon have been sighted even for even three seconds. Fortunately, you can imagine what would happen if we would have seen even 15 seconds of these pestiferous cooking skewers of tofu to the tv ? Quickly erase any trace that these characters have even existed !

After a good lunch of quinoa, organic fair that I deliver on a bike for a reintegration company social non-binary, I’ve been wanting to go to the cinema.

We had removed all of the films starring Patrick Bruel. We had removed the last Denys Arcand, because of the presence on the screen by Morin. We had to look forward to, by stealth during the night, removed the Café de Flore Jean-Marc Vallée, in which Kevin Parent played the main role. Disappeared, the films with the other Kevin (Spacey).

The entire filmography of Woody Allen… soaring up in smoke. One of Roman Polanski… removed the screens, as if Rosemary’s Baby or The Pianist had never existed.

The film series Harry Potter ? You don’t think about it ! You did not know that the author of the novels J. K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia, to have said that a woman is a woman ? You do not think, though, that we would continue to disseminate the film adaptations of a woman as deviant ?


Before I went to bed, I turned on the radio. And practicing my oral hygiene with my toothbrush, bamboo is recyclable and my toothpaste to coal bio, I hummed with happiness : “Brush, brush, brush. I myself brush the teeth. Those in the back. Those in front “.

And I went to bed with peace of mind. Fortunately, the house-cleaning has been done. Congratulations to all of those Big Erasers that have made to disappear from the cultural landscape any trace of the plague victims whose only presence in front of our eyes or in our ears, we might be more traumatic.

Phew, it feels good to live in this sanitized world, free from any trace of those nasty, appointed to the stigma attached to the popular, lynched on the public square. Good dodo !

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