The European Union is allowed to resell Steam games

The Supreme court of Paris ruled against Valve that violate the laws Evrosoyuza

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Евросоюз позволил перепродавать игры в Steam

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The most popular digital distribution service games Steam has one significant disadvantage – a total ban on the resale of their games. Unlike physical media, digital copies of games cannot be resold by the rules of Valve, the company of the owner of the service. After you have acquired video game on Steam, it is forever tied to your account. Soon, however, things can change and games can be resold after passing, according to French publication Numerama.

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French consumer group UFC-Que Choisir over the last 4 years engaged in a legal battle with Valve claiming that Steam signed agreement is unlawful in relation to consumers. This week the Supreme court of Paris ruled against the Valve, giving European consumers the ability to resell their games to the Steam service.

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“The judgment of September 17, the Paris court of the County organization for the protection of the rights of consumers considers it necessary to cancel a number of rules established by the Valve against Steam users”, — reports the edition.

The sentence complies with European laws on digital Commerce, which provide “free movement of goods within Evrosoyuza” and allow you to sell all products, including software used without permission of the manufacturer or initial seller.

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In my defense, Valve says that Steam is not a digital distribution service, and a subscription service, so it prohibits the resale of games. The court parried protection, saying that Steam does not sell games as part of a subscription package, and that the policy of Valve in relation to the resale of games is contrary to EU law taken for free distribution of digital goods and content. The verdict also clarified that the requirement applies to the sale of one copy of the game, not duplicates. Valve has three months to add the prescribed possibility on Steam.

A Valve representative told Polygon that the company plans to appeal the decision.

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