The evangelists liberated the Dassargues sports complex in Lunel

The evangelists liberated the Dassargues sports complex in Lunel

Les lieux étaient entièrement vidés, ce lundi 17 juin, à 9 h 45.

They had planned to stay for a month from their arrival on Sunday June 9. Following the agreement signed last week with the municipality, they anticipated their departure. The premises were emptied this Monday morning, June 17.

An empty landscape but an image full of meaning. As they had specified, Thursday June 13, when signing the agreement with the municipality of Lunel (read our edition of June 14), the evangelists broke camp this Monday morning June 17.

Left in « suitable »

Installed, with some 170 vehicles and caravans, for two weeks on the lawns of the grounds of the Dassargues sports complex, the community began to vacate the premises from 8 a.m. to empty it completely around 9:45 a.m. < /p>

An operation closely followed by the director of the sports department Gilles Salvet. He and Michel Créchet, 3rd deputy in charge, in particular, of general administration, recognized the state "suitable"  in which the evangelists left the site. A site which was immediately made safe.

The semi-buried rocks

In addition to restarting the electric entrance gate and the high-pressure cleaning of the perimeters of the buildings already carried out yesterday, the City services will, from this Tuesday morning, June 18, carry out several maneuvers to prevent this scenario from happening. reproduce more.

Thus, "there will be the installation of ballasts", explains Gilles Salvet, who also confirms that "the rocks already present will be semi-buried so that they can no longer be moved".

The Black Lions flag tournament will take place

Operations which should restore the sports complex once and for all. And at the same time make possible sporting events, some of which were imminent and had to be canceled due to occupation of the site. The first to save their skins are the Black lions.

Indeed, if their American football flag tournament was not to take place at first, Gilles Salvet assured and reassured the Lunel club that the event could finally be held. And it will be Sunday June 30.

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