The ex-Beatles Ringo Starr celebrates his 80th spring online and without McCartney

L’ex-Beatles Ringo Starr fête ses 80 printemps en ligne et sans McCartney

The ex-Beatles Ringo Starr celebrated Tuesday its 80th spring online, coronavirus forces, with several songs of the legendary group but in the absence of his ex-accomplice Paul McCartney.

Ringo Starr celebrates usually all his birthdays by real concerts in front of hundreds of people, but the pandemic of sars coronavirus was forced to abandon this year.

“Like most of you, I enjoy a good birthday party (…) but this is not the right year to organize a large gathering,” said the artist, sitting behind a battery and wearing a mask adorned with a symbol of peace.

“Therefore, I party with my friends in a different way this year. We’re going to have to stay away because of the sars coronavirus”, he stressed.

The songs of worship of the Beatles “Come Together”, “All You Need is Love” and “With a Little Help From My Friends” were included to the eclectic program of the evening, consisting of a mixture of archive videos and recordings at home, as well as tributes recorded by artists such as Sheryl Crow and David Lynch. It was watched live by 130 000 fans.

But some have expressed disappointment in the lack of Paul McCartney, which appeared during the evening in an extract from a concert in Los Angeles last year, in which the two former Beatles play together.

“Happy birthday, SIR RICHARD aka RINGO. Password a good day my old friend”, however, has tweeted McCartney earlier in the day.

Ringo Starr took advantage of the event to call for donations in favour of the movement “Black lives matter” to “put an end to all this racist violence”, he explained.

“The lives of black matter. Stand up and let your voice be heard”, has launched Ringo Starr.

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