The ex-collaborator of Jeffrey Epstein expected Friday in the court in New York

L’ex-collaboratrice de Jeffrey Epstein attendue vendredi au tribunal à New York

NEW YORK | Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-collaborator of financial deceased Jeffrey Epstein arrested last week in the United States for trafficking of minor girls, should appear for the first time in front of a federal judge in new york on Friday.

After having consulted the lawyer of the daughter of the ex-magnate, british Robert Maxwell, the federal prosecutors in Manhattan have asked that this first hearing to be held on July 10, according to a document registered with the court.

At that hearing, prosecutors should insist that this figure of the jet-set 58-year-old remain in detention, without the possibility of release on bail.

Ghislaine Maxwell presents “an extreme risk of escape,” they argued in a document made public after his arrest.

Ms. Maxwell is accused of having “assisted, facilitated and contributed to the sexual assaults on minor Jeffrey Epstein”, from 1994 to 1997, by recruiting young teenage girls in impoverished aged 14 years and over, and sometimes directly to the attacks.

Born in France, educated in Britain and then naturalized american in 2002, Ghislaine “Maxwell has three passports, large sums of money, extensive international connections, and absolutely no reason to stay in the United States and risking a long prison sentence”, pointed out the prosecutors.

Accustomed to the luxurious homes and private flights, this woman who now risks 35 years in prison has, according to them, more than 15 bank accounts in the United States and abroad, the total balance has reached up to 20 million in 2016, according to prosecutors.

The one who was once the girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein has sold a property in new york for some $ 15 million in 2016, and has “substantial financial resources” even if the whole remains “opaque,” they said.

The property of some 60 hectares, where it has been arrested Thursday in New Hampshire, in the northeast of the United States, nearly a year after the suicide in prison of Jeffrey Epstein, has been acquired by money, by a corporation-screen end of 2019.

Ms. Maxwell is also accused of having”lied repeatedly” during a witness under oath in a civil court case in 2016.

It is not yet known in which prison in new york she will be detained after his transfer to a prison in New Hampshire where she spent the weekend.

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