The ex-councillor Bolton accuses Trump of having sought assistance from China for his re-election

L’ex-conseiller Bolton accuse Trump d’avoir cherché l’aide de la Chine pour sa réélection

WASHINGTON | The ex-national security adviser, Donald Trump, John Bolton, to accuse the us president of having sought the help of China to win his re-election in November, according to excerpts explosives of a forthcoming book, published by us media on Wednesday.

The former adviser said that in June 2019, Donald Trump had “hijacked the conversation about the next presidential election, in referring to the economic capacity of China and advocating with Xi to ensure that it prevails,” according to excerpts published simultaneously by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

At this meeting in the margins of the G20 summit in Osaka, the us president “stressed the importance of farmers and the increase in purchases of chinese soybeans, and wheat on the outcome of the election”, writes in his memoirs that hawk republican, hostile to multilateralism and willingly going to war.

The leaks in the press arise in the aftermath of the announcement of an action in justice administration Trump to attempt to block the release scheduled for June 23 of this book, titled, The Room Where It Happened, A White House Memoir.

“The conversations of Trump with the Xi not only reflect the inconsistencies of its commercial policy, but also the interconnection in the spirit of Trump between its own political interests and the american national interest,” says John Bolton, 71 years of age, as national security adviser from April 2018 to September 2019.

“And countless other conversations with similar Trump have confirmed a behavior is fundamentally unacceptable, which undermines the very legitimacy of the presidency”, accuse-t-il.

John Bolton then turns to the impeachment proceedings initiated in the us Congress by the democrats against Donald Trump in late 2019, for the case of ukraine, in which he had not testified.

“If the democrats who have defended the indictment (Trump) had not been so obsessed by their lightning war on the Ukraine by 2019, if they had taken the time to investigate in a more systematic manner about the behaviour of Trump across the whole spectrum of his foreign policy, the outcome of the indictment could have been much different,” he says.

His book had already burst with a bang in american politics when passages had been the subject of leaks in the press in January, in the trial of impeachment.

In these extracts the original John Bolton reported in a conversation last August, during which Donald Trump had explained not wanting to unblock a crucial assistance to Ukraine as it would not on his democratic opponent Joe Biden — now a candidate against him in the presidential election of 3 November.

Donald Trump had been acquitted by the Senate, a republican majority.


When Pompeo believed that Trump “does not tell us what a load of crap”

The us secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who displayed a loyalty to any trial against Donald Trump, proved to be more of a time-critical in his back, going as far to accuse him of saying “that’s bullshit,” said the ex-presidential adviser John Bolton in his book.

The episode described in this book is explosive to be published next week, of which large extracts were announced Wednesday in the american media, goes back to the first summit between the president of the United States and north Korean leader Kim Jong one, in 2018 to Singapore.

At a time of that historic meeting, Mike Pompeo did go to John Bolton, then national security adviser, Donald Trump, a small note mocking the billionaire republican: “It does not tell us what a load of crap”, slipped through it, according to an excerpt published by the New York Times.

A month later, according to the advisor sacked in September last year, the head of american diplomacy étrillait the policy of reconciliation with North Korea, it has never ceased to defend it in public, arguing that it had “no chance to succeed.”

And just before the summit in Singapore, after listening to a telephone conversation between Donald Trump and his counterpart, south Korean, Mike Pompeo had already told the author of the book “having almost had a cardiac arrest” because of the president’s stance.

John Bolton also writes as himself, Mike Pompeo and the minister of Defense Mark Esper have tried eight or ten times to convince Donald Trump to unblock a crucial assistance to Ukraine, as the latter had been suspended pending investigations of Kiev on his democratic opponents — a folder which will be at the heart of a trial by impeachment was won by the american president.

According to the Washington Post, John Bolton also ensures that the secretary of State is part of the senior officials have considered quitting. He is at times shown to be “furious” to see the son-in-law and adviser to the president, Jared Kushner, encroach on its flowerbeds diplomatic.

This is the first time that criticism of Mike Pompeo on the host of the White House also filter clearly.

They are not dissimilar to those of his predecessor, Rex Tillerson, the first secretary of State Donald Trump, who, according to several media, was designated as private “stupid”.

The articles on this episode had accelerated his disgrace, until his dismissal in march 2018.

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