The ex-justice Louise Otis will focus on the case of former senator Don Meredith

L’ex-juge Louise Otis se penchera sur le cas de l’ancien sénateur Don Meredith

OTTAWA – The former judge of the Quebec Court of appeal, Louise Otis was chosen by the Senate, Tuesday, to secure the monetary damages to be paid to employees and former senator Don Meredith has harassed, sometimes sexually.

Assistant professor of law at McGill University, as well as a mediator and arbitrator, Ms. Otis will begin its work this summer and its task should be completed this fall.

Appointed by conservative prime minister Stephen Harper in 2010, Don Meredith was pinned in a Senate report that concluded last year that he had harassed employees of the Parliament, of any wrongdoing, who were sometimes of a sexual nature.

This religious leader pentecostal has been expelled from the conservative caucus in 2015 when the surface of the revelations to the effect that he has attended at the age of 48 years old a teenage girl while she was only 16 years old. The Ontario resigned from the Senate in 2017 because he was threatened to be expelled.

Regarding the harassment, the Senate apologized on the 25th of June to employees of the senator’s fallen.

“We recognize without reserve, and deeply regret the sorrow and pain that your experience of working with you has caused”, said the senator, Sabi Marwah, chairman of the standing committee on internal economy, budgets and administration, by issuing a press release.

“The actions of Mr. Meredith are reprehensible, said Mr Marwah. His former employees have suffered a lot.”

The result of this case, a new anti-harassment policy, which provides an independent assessment of complaints and timelines, is being studied by the Senate.

The senators and staff of this institution are also required to attend trainings on harassment for the past two years.

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