The ex-police officer who shot and killed an African-American to Atlanta detained

L'ex-policier qui a abattu un Afro-Américain à Atlanta placé en détention

A former police officer white of Atlanta was taken into custody Thursday, the day after his conviction for the “murder” of a young black man, Rayshard Brooks, shot and killed Friday in this great city in the south of the United States.

Garrett Rolfe, 27 years old, is incarcerated in the prison of Fulton county, according to the website of the institution.

The day before, the local prosecutor, Paul Howard, had launched an arrest warrant against him and had given him a day to get himself to the authorities.

A second agent present during the drama, Devin Brosnan, indicted for ” assault “, was also surrendered to the police on Thursday but was released on bail, according to local media.

He has agreed to cooperate with the justice and testify against his colleague, according to attorney Howard.

Friday night, employees of a fast food restaurant had called the police because a person fell asleep at the wheel of his car was blocking the access to the service at the wheel of the restaurant. On their arrival, the agents had discovered Rayshard Brooks, 27 years old, in a state of intoxication.

The young man was shown to be cooperative for more than half an hour. The situation had escalated when the officers had tried to detain her : he had grabbed the Taser gun of one of the police officers and had fled.

The agent Rolfe had then opened fire, even if, according to the prosecutor, ” Mr. Brooks posed no immediate threat “. According to the official postmortem, he died after receiving two bullets in the back.

Garrett Rolfe was immediately dismissed from the police, and his colleague, assigned to administrative tasks.

But the drama has rekindled the anger in the United States, strained since the death of George Floyd, an African-American, was asphyxiated by a white policeman in Minneapolis on may 25.

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