The ex-wife of captain boasted figure in skimpy bikini

Экс-жена Потапа похвасталась фигурой в откровенном бикини

Irina Gorovaya looks like the same age as his daughter.The former wife of a Ukrainian rapper Potap (Alexey Potapenko) Irina Gorovaya with daughter Natalia appeared before the fans in a revealing bikini.

Natasha and Irina Horovi appeared together during a family vacation, posing in swimwear on the beach. 41-year-old mother and 20-year-old daughter posted the same naughty pictures on their pages on Instagram.

“What I like (I’m sure the mother too) is the fact that we are perceived as friends or sisters. And when they find out that we are mother and daughter – the reaction of people is priceless,” wrote the once adopted daughter of captain online.

Horova-senior, in turn, said that he loves his eldest daughter. Netizens praised the star for a courageous family pictures and also for the perfect fit. Despite the age difference of more than 20 years, many noted that both beauties look like the same age.

Экс-жена Потапа похвасталась фигурой в откровенном бикини

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