The ex-wife of the farm came to his wedding to new lover: photo

Irina Gorovaya congratulated the newlyweds with the wedding

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Finally it happened: Nastya Kamensky and Potap got married, and this is the official information!

May 23, the couple became engaged in one of the country’s most expensive restaurants of Kiev. And the day before, the morning of this day, Potap has released a sensual video-Declaration of love, the main character of which was “his little girl” Anastasia.

A magnificent celebration was held in one of the restaurants near Kiev, where he was invited stars of the Ukrainian show-business and friends of the couple. At the celebration were invited and ex-wife Potap Irina Gorovaya. It is known that after the divorce they remained friendly relations, as well as former spouses have a joint business.

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41-year-old Irina came to the wedding, not alone, but together with her lover Jevgenijs Artuhova who conducts business and has nothing to do with show business. Everything in Instagram she shared a touching picture in which a couple gentle kisses.

Экс-жена Потапа пришла на его свадьбу с новым возлюбленным: фото

Irina Gorovaya with Evgeny Artuhova

We also showed how to look celebrity guests at the wedding of Nastya Kamenskih and Potap.

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