The exaltation of the cross 2019: what not to do in this holiday

Learn about the main prohibitions in the day of the exaltation September 27: why not start the important things and to walk in the woods

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Воздвижение Креста Господня 2019: что нельзя делать в этот праздник

September 27 – exaltation of the cross.

The exaltation of the cross 2019 Orthodox Ukrainians celebrate on September 27. Details about the history, customs, traditions and superstitions of the holiday, and also about what not to do in this day find out in our article.

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The exaltation of the cross: history, customs, superstitions

September 27, believers remember the finding and the exaltation of Saint Empress Helen and Patriarch Macarius of Jerusalem the cross on which was crucified our Lord Jesus Christ and who later became one of the main symbols of Christianity. This is one of the 12 major feasts of the Orthodox Church. In the morning on this day in churches and temples be festive service. The congregation bought three candles that they baptize the corners and doors in the house, reading the prayer.

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The exaltation of the cross: what not to do in the holiday

  • You can’t work, clean the house, wash, sew.
  • This day is better not to start any important things. There is a belief: do not start any important things on the exaltation of the cross, because everything started going to pieces.
  • Is a strict fast, so not eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Food can be seasoned only with vegetable oil.
  • It is forbidden to walk in the woods. People say, the devil goes around his domain and recalculates all the animals. If a person gets in his eyes, then from the forest he will not return. It is believed that the feast on September 27, the bears lie in hibernation, snakes hide in burrows until spring, and depart latest records.
  • The feast of the exaltation of the cross all reptiles, snakes and lizards, sliding into one place, to make his winter nest. That’s why carefully locked gates and doors to not a snake crawled into the house.

What you can do in the feast of the exaltation on September 27

This day used pieces of cabbage for the winter. The people said that the Building fall summer moves, so you hide until the feast of all vegetables with roots below the freeze didn’t kill the crop. You should also sprinkle the house consecrated in the Church of water to protect him.

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