The Expand season 4 : actors explain how the fans have saved the series (Interview)

The Expand : the actors in interview for Purebreak

First canceled by SyFy, The Expand has found a new home at Amazon Prime Video, which launches this Friday, December 13, season 4 of the series SF. PRBK was able to meet a large part of the cast. Support of the fans, space travel, check out our interview.

There is a life after the cancellation ! After Netflix, which has saved Lucifer, cancelled by FOX, it is Amazon Prime Video, which is coming to the rescue of fans of The Expand. The sci-fi series had been canceled by SyFy, a heart-wrenching decision for the actors and the viewers. After a huge movement of solidarity, the platform decided to give it a season 4 in The Expand… and even a season 5.

How the fans have saved The Expand

If The Expand has the right to a season 4, it is thanks to the fans who were mobilized in mass to give a second life to the series. As explained by Cas Anvar, who plays Alex in our interview to discover in our slideshow, the fans went so far as to rent a plane to attract the attention of the executives at Amazon. One thing that has upset the cast !

It was incredibly moving. The campaign that they have put in place was creative, important, and powerful.” has entrusted us with Steven Strait (Holden) at the Festival of television of Monte Carlo last June. “When people get upset, say they want the series is still broadcast… This is really important and impressive what the fans. I felt a lot of gratitude, I was impressed that they have done it.” we explained his side Dominique Tipper who plays Naomi.

The season 4 ? “There will be a lot of drama”

This 4 season, consisting of 10 episodes, arrives this Friday, December 13th on Amazon Prime Video, and prepare you, it will be dramatic. “We can’t say much, but it will be a new vision of this world, but with all that people love in The Expand. The first episode is, for me, the best I’ve seen in the series. There’s a lot more drama but it is very intimate, we will learn to know even more of the characters.” has teasé Dominique Tipper.

Check out our interview with Cas Anvar, Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper, Frankie Addams, and Shohreh Aghdashloo in our slideshow.

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