The Expand season 4 : Holden and his team in the face of the protomolécule in the trailer

The Expanse saison 4 : Holden et sa team face à la protomolécule dans la bande-annonce

The Expand season 4 : Holden and his team in the face of the protomolécule in the trailer

Season 4 of The Expand lands December 13 on Prime Video. And, according to the new trailer, Holden, Alex, Naomi and Amos find themselves once again at the centre of all the problems, particularly in the face of the protomolécule, more powerful than ever. Attention spoilers.

After very long months of absence, it is the 13 of December, the Rocinante will be present on Premium Video with season 4 of new of The Expand. A much-anticipated return of fans that have gone through a real emotional lift in these last few months – the series has been cancelled by SyFy and then saved by the platform of Amazon, all the more that the upcoming episodes promise to be incredible based on the trailer (see below).

New mission under high voltage for Holden

As supposed by the end of season 3, the discovery of thousands of worlds through the Gate of Abaddon is going to completely revive the plot and open up the universe of our favorite characters in new adventures and new dangers.

Speaking of dangers, it is on New Terra, a planet similar to ours, the team of Holden will be sent in exploration in order to discover what is going on. The reason for this ? Many inhabitants of the Belt will take refuge there to start a new life, before realizing that the protomolécule – to the origin of these new planets, will not necessarily be of the kind docile. Between the threat of this energy alien, and the social and political tensions with these “squatters”, the team might not get out unscathed of his new mission.

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