The experiment NASA has adopted for the attack of the aliens

Эксперимент NASA приняли за атаку инопланетян

Эксперимент NASA приняли за атаку инопланетян

The experiment NASA has adopted for the attack of the aliens

Instead of the Northern lights in the sky appeared a bright unusual outbreaks!

8 APR 2019 18:16

In 2018, NASA started a series of experiments AZURE (Auroral Zone Rocket Upwelling Experiment) aimed at studying particle fluxes in the ionosphere. In the sky was supposed to go the rockets, who at the height of 115-250 kilometers would sprayed particles trimethylaluminum, barium and strontium. The main task is the measurement of flows of charged particles in the ionosphere.

In the spring of 2018, the experiment was interrupted by weather. The next “window” opened March 23, 2019, and suitable atmospheric conditions will continue until April 10. Two missiles AZURE successfully raspylenie the marker substance, was launched on the evening of April 5 from the territory of the Andoya space center (Andøya Space Center).

After the reaction with oxygen trimethylaluminium triggers a chemical luminescence, making air flows visible. The ionized barium creates the purple-red clouds, allowing to follow the flow of ions in the atmosphere, and the blue glow from neionizirovannuu barium becomes the marker for neutral particles. In turn, the strontium needed to enhance this glow.

Unusual luminous patterns were visible in the sky in the North of Norway about half an hour, and while astrophysics was collecting scientific data – the locals decided that the start of the alien invasion.

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The study of the material obtained, and further missile launches in the framework of the mission AZURE, continue. Let’s see how our planet breathes.


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