The expert found traces of an advanced civilization inside of the pyramids

Эксперт нашел следы высокоразвитой цивилизации внутри пирамид

The pyramids were used as “power plants” of more advanced civilizations.

For many years the ancient pyramids haunted historians and architects because of its unusual and complex structure.

Although officially it is considered that the massive structure was used as the Royal tombs of the fourth dynasty of Cheops (Khufu) in 2580-2560 BC, some experts believe that things are not quite wrong, writes The Sun.

So for example the producer of the documentary series “Ancient aliens” (Ancient Aliens) Kevin burns claims that since time immemorial the pyramids were used as “power plants” of more advanced civilizations.

As the expert believes, the interior of the pyramid of Cheops (the largest of the buildings in the complex are three pyramids) is not like a tomb at all.

“You can’t call it a tomb, there is no hieroglyph. It never found the bodies. of the Egyptian pharaohs found under the ground, not the pyramids” – persistently claims burns.

Producer-Director says that gained access to the pyramid of Cheops together with a camera crew traveled to the unknown parts of the structure.

“Interior of the great pyramid is an extremely complex structure. He’s got a granite wall where the stones are accurately joined to each other and completely transparent. There are no traces of rough manual work. So it looks like produced a fine masonry,” says burns.Based on these and other facts burns suggested that the pyramids were built long before the officially recognized date today.


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