The extraordinary in the ordinary

The extraordinary in the ordinary

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Author of the award-winning novel Conductive body , Montreal writer Sean Michaels was interested in the vagaries of chance and to the great game of fate in his new novel, The rolls of the dice . This fascinating novel, marked by the deadpan humor of the author, takes a look at our faith in a lucky star and transforms the ordinary into magic. & nbsp;

Theo Potiris, hero of the novel, is the son of a grocer and a Friday night comedian. Since he's also a gambler , he's not in the least bit stressed about putting his fate and his entire life in the hands of chance. & Nbsp;

One spring day in Montreal, things are going much worse on their side and luck seems to have given up. Theo then decides to do what his father recommended to him before dying: he decides to shake off fatality and “& nbsp; enter into a duel with the possible”. His existential quest will take him from one country to another, in search of answers.

Sean Michaels, a seasoned and extremely talented writer, spent four years writing this second novel, with its complex structure and detailed writing. “I'm a novelist who really wants to try something new with every book. I wanted to start with something very realistic, with a certain naturalism, and veer off to the point where it becomes something very different. & Nbsp; “

The novel was born from a strange dream of the author, about a mid-term artist who encountered a gang of thieves. “I wondered if an artist who, despite hard work, does not achieve success would be tempted to become a thief! & Nbsp;”

finding the magic

Sean Michaels was also inspired by an independent grocery store near his home, in the Mile-End, in Montreal. “It's one of those old, iconic stores that are a bit like a maze: you really have to know where to find what you're looking for. Food for pets can be next to pine nuts … “

He likes that little “esoteric or secret, special, even magical” side of a grocery store like this. “I wondered how it is that a grocery store like this can have a little magical spirit or a little incredible. It made me think about the fact that there is a bit of magic everywhere in life, especially in big cities. You have to try to find that magic. & Nbsp; ”

For him, a large grocery store is a form of miracle. “It's a place where you can find all the delicacies of the world, although it's a place in the neighborhood where all the neighbors meet and cross.” The extraordinary within the ordinary. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

  • Sean Michaels was born in 1982 in Stirling, Scotland to Canadian parents.
  • < li> He grew up in Ottawa and has lived in Montreal for 21 years.

  • He published the bestselling novel Corps conductors , which has won the prestigious Scotiabank Giller Prize, the Hugh MacLennan Paragraph Prize and the John Glassco Prize for translation.
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