The face of Quebec transformed

Le visage de Québec transformé

The Old Quebec city, which usually begins to swarm with activity with the return of good time, rest desert these days. While the u.s. border is still closed and that the international tourists can not for the moment as a dream in the Old Capital, it only remains to be hoped that the people of Quebec are reclaiming their city.

Captured by the lens of our photographer Jean-François Desgagnés, several attractions of the old town seem less alive than usual.

With the expected losses for the whole of the province of $ 3.9 billion, according to a study conducted by the Alliance of the tourism industry in Québec, one can of course worry for some of these jewels of the city of Quebec.

However, if we want to see things with a good eye, you can remember that the occasion will be beautiful for the people here to rediscover their city. If some people found the Old Quebec too busy during the season to move, no more excuses for not going to encourage the merchants and restaurateurs of the area.

Moreover, more than 30 % of the people of the metropolitan region of Quebec are of this opinion, and intend to travel only in their corner this summer, according to a survey Light. A decision that could allow some of the attractions and traders through this difficult period.

Dufferin Terrace

Always taken by assault by tourists, in summer as in winter, the Dufferin terrace is deserted in the time of a pandemic, a golden opportunity to rediscover the magnificent view offered by the location at the foot of the Château Frontenac.


A typical example of a historical backdrops that offer Old Quebec, Place-Royale is not showing the same face for the past few weeks.

Boulevard Champlain

Buzzing with activities, in normal times, the boulevard Champlain receives much less traffic these days. Stuck on the ferry, so this is the time for the people of Quebec, like those of Levis to come and support the restaurants that are there, and who usually live of the tourism.

Fontaine de Tourny and national Assembly

The iconic Figures of the city, places popular with tourists in search of photos, the fontaine de Tourny and the national Assembly are corners well quiet these days.

Place d’youville

Bogged down by road work, and those of the Diamond in recent years, the place D’youville had a facelift for this year with foreign visitors. If this is only a postponement for those, nothing will prevent the people of Quebec to go and rediscover this corner, if known to the city.

Petit Champlain

The cancellation of the cruise season could particularly hurt the shopkeepers of the Petit-Champlain. It speaks about 210 M$ in benefits will be lost to Quebec.

Empty streets

Usually overflowing with tourists, bourdonnantes accents everywhere, in the streets of Old-Quebec are now offering a small oasis of peace and history to the people who are walking.

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