The Facebook application revamped with TikTok sauce

Facebook's app revamped with TikTok sauce


Facebook, which is facing more than ever competition from the very popular platform TikTok, has decided to highlight digital creators and entertainment on its mobile application, moving further away from traditional content . 

The social network announced on Thursday that the main or “Home” tab will now mix messages from the user's contacts with content from various creators, depending on their interests.

A new tab, called “Posts feed”, will be reserved for posts published by friends, family and groups.

“The home feed becomes a 'discovery engine' allows you to find new content and subscribe to new creators thanks to recommendations”, explained the platform in a press release.

Users will find their friends' “stories” (ephemeral photos and videos on the Snapchat model) and “reels”, a video format copied from TikTok.

The home page is personalized thanks to algorithms which take into account “thousands of signals”, to “offer you what seems to us the most interesting for you”, underlines Facebook.

TikTok, a company of the Chinese group ByteDance, has built its phenomenal success on its format (short videos, with special effects and catchy tunes, which easily capture attention) but also on its algorithms, which quickly identify the likes of users to offer them content from unknown creators.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram and the world's number two in digital advertising, needs to enhance its “reels” so as not to give up too much land.

“Our transition to short formats is not yet generating substantial revenue for the moment, but we are optimistic,” assured Mark Zuckerberg, the group's boss, during a conference call at the end of April.

He clarified on his profile on Thursday that the separate posts feed will allow users not to miss announcements from their friends and groups, which will be displayed chronologically, and without “recommendations”.

In January 2021, after a turbulent US presidential election, the billionaire had indicated that he wanted to distance himself from political subjects as much as possible to focus on “positive” interactions – less controversial and more lucrative.

On Tuesday, Meta a confirmed that it was redirecting some of the resources from “Facebook News” (the tab dedicated to the press) and its newsletter “Bulletin” to other products, after a Wall Street Journal article on the subject.

“We are always doing more so that (creatives ators) can find their audiences on Facebook and grow active communities there,” a spokesperson told AFP.