The failure of Microsoft, Nokia talked about a loud failure

A former engineer Nokia revealed details of the high-profile failure of Microsoft in the mobile market with Windows Phone

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Провал Microsoft: в Nokia рассказали о громком фиаско

The main mistake Microsoft underestimated Android

The dominance of Microsoft with its operating system Windows comprehensive there was no time even to mobile devices in the middle of the 2000s, with its Windows Mobile. However, the next Windows Phone OS are unable to provide adequate competition neither iOS nor Android. Recently, bill gates admitted the biggest mistake, but a former engineer Nokia on Reddit revealed some details of the high-profile failure of Microsoft in the mobile market.

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The specialist pointed out four reasons for the collapse of the project. The main mistake Microsoft has underestimated Google and its Android project. At the time the operating system is just beginning to develop and could not offer serious competition. But the search giant had a trump card in the form of corporate services — YouTube, Maps and Gmail. While Windows Phone could offer only mail in Outlook.

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The second reason was that the company failed to offer anything new that could attract users. Then, many thought it unusual the fact that the documents can be viewed and edited on smartphones. And anything other than “office” package, Microsoft was not.

The launch of Windows 8 also had a not very pleasant effect on a mobile platform – “eight” received a mixed reception. As a consequence, injured the reputation, and therefore users do not trust Microsoft in terms of operating systems.

Провал Microsoft: в Nokia рассказали о громком фиаско

Tile design of Windows Phone, many really do not like it, but the OS itself couldn’t provide any interesting innovation

The last argument was that the users had enough of Android and iOS. Windows Phone on their background candidly behind not offering anything new or competitive. The outcome of Windows Phone was a foregone conclusion.

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However, the Nokia engineer admitted that to develop applications for mobile operating system Windows Phone was much easier.

Recall that Microsoft completely shut down the Windows Phone project, abandoning the Lumia brand and Nokia. Mobile apps on this platform also began to “wither away”, for example, Facebook and Instagram announced the abandonment of Windows 10 Mobile. However, Microsoft secretly preparing a new smartphone, not on Windows.

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