The fall of a meteorite on Mars left a monstrous footprint: photo

The impact of the cosmic body on the surface of the red planet has left behind a scar in the form of “works of art”

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Падение метеорита на Марсе оставило чудовищный след: фото

The impact of a meteorite on the surface was accompanied by a powerful explosion

Mars reconnaissance Orbiter MRO has sent to Earth photographs of the surface of Mars with a vast crater that has left a recently fallen meteorite. This monstrous scar staining the surface of the red planet, new shades black and blue, which is the result of emission on the surface of underground rock.

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The fall of the meteorite occurred in September 2016. The hitting surface was so strong that it caused a powerful explosion that formed the eerie crater, as a reminder of the daily dangers of space.

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“It was a huge impact that formed a crater with a diameter of 16 meters,” commented head of research at planetary Sciences at the natural history Museum, UK Peter Grindrod.

Photos of the region before and after show the damage caused by a meteorite that hit the neighbor’s Land.

The fall of the meteorite also helped scientists to study in detail the composition of the soil beneath the surface of Mars, because all the materials were on the surface for easy research with powerful high resolution camera HiRISE. Thus, the researchers have opened up a comfortable picture to explore the secrets of the past of the red planet.

We will remind that earlier a strange galaxy has ignored the laws of physics and has puzzled scientists. Also earlier on the moon found a mysterious anomaly that opened up the destructive past of the satellite.

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