The false news the most viral of the COVID-19

Les fausses nouvelles les plus virales de la COVID-19

The disinformation on the internet around the COVID-19 in march and April has been massive, with some false new, particularly viral (fake cures or prevention tips, theory of a virus artificial or supposed link with the 5G), according to an analysis published by the five media specialist europe, including the AFP.

Gargle salt water, chlorine dioxide, hold your breath to find out if it was the COVID… “the advice is erroneous — even dangerous — and the so-called treatments and cures for the COVID-19 have without doubt been the main topic of misinformation “, noted the authors of the report, which covers Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, european countries among the most affected by the pandemic.

In early February, the WHO had warned against the”infodémie massive”, complicating his task and that of the health authorities against the COVID, which has already killed more than 500, 000 people in the world.

Chloroquine, drug not known to be effective against the COVID-19, was subjected to “numerous articles” audit in the United Kingdom, Spain, and especially in France. For example, it could be construed wrongly as a cure scientifically validated or as “forbidden” by the authorities.

Another big trend, the masks (effectiveness, dangers of so-called…) have also been the subject of innumerable publications, is inaccurate or misleading. The theory (dismantled by the scientific community), according to which the virus has been created by man.

Several theories complotistes that already circulating before the pandemic have been adapted to stick to the news, as all those accusing Bill Gates, among others, want to implant “chips”, electronic population.

Same thing for the misinformation about vaccines or “theories according to which the COVID-19 has been created — or exacerbated-or propagated — by technology, 5G, is very viral in Italy and the United Kingdom, according to the report.

The measures of fight against the pandemic have also raised many false news regarding “typically national laws, false actions and statements attributed to a political figure or to the authorities”. The articles of the audit in relation to this kind of false news “policies” have been especially numerous in France.

In addition to the common subjects, the report noted some local specificities such as pets in the Uk, or migrants in Germany.

This analysis focuses on 654 articles audit published in march and April by Pagella Politica/Facta (Italy), (Spain), Full Fact (Uk), Correctiv (Germany) and AFP (France). If the flow seems to have slowed down in recent weeks, the false news around the COVID-19 continue to circulate on the social networks.

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