The family of Daphne Loonie-Boudreault will be compensated

La famille de Daphné Huard-Boudreault sera indemnisée

The family of Daphne Loonie-Boudreault, a young woman of 18 years killed by her ex-husband, is finally able to be compensated, having obtained the status of victim of crime three years after the murder of the young woman.

“It’s hard to be happy, because it all stems from the loss of my daughter. One would have expected to be helped, not three years after the events, evidenced by Éric Boudreault, the father of the young victim. Happy is not the right word, but it is proud to be beat. […] So we have three decisions with different purposes that expand the notion of victim. “

Denied the status of victim

Saturday, the family has finally been recognised as a victim before the administrative Tribunal of Québec (TAQ) in three different decisions, even though she had been denied that status by the Compensation for victims of criminal acts (IVAC) in November 2017.

On march 22, 2017, the wife of the father of Daphne Loonie-Boudreault, Claudine Halde, was to join his daughter-in-law to his old apartment to help him recover his personal effects in his or her former spouse, Anthony Pratte-Lops.

However, she was instead greeted by the flashing lights of the police car, without even knowing that she was on a crime scene.

Seeing the murderer of his daughter-in-law be handcuffed by the police with bloodied hands, she was quick to call the father of the victim, in shock, who immediately informed the mother of Daphne, Mélanie Huard.

Not enough

If the three were able to see the remains of Daphne Loonie-Boudreault under a sheet at the time the stretcher was placed in the ambulance, it was not enough for the IVAC recognize them as victims, ” he says.

“We have been involved. We did say that after 30 sessions of a psychologist, it was finished, they would be healed. But we had an injury and is no longer the same. It has no more energy. Everything is more difficult “, adds the father.

It is unfortunate to have had to fight for three years – to get sick and to force them to explain minute by minute the details of “that terrible day” – for help dedicated to the victims.

It is hoped that this small victory will set a precedent for the next victims, and that measures will be taken to get things moving.

“It is a big page that turns, but there are still other pages,” he concludes.

  • Anthony Pratte-Lops has been sentenced in 2019 to life in prison without the possibility of parole before the age of 18.
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