The famous American trainer shared tips on losing weight

Известный американский тренер поделился советами о похудении

The main principle of weight is quite simple.

The popular American trainer told me how to finally get rid of the hated kilograms and attain the figure of dreams, reports the with reference to PolitekA.

Forget everything you know about fat loss. Trainer and nutritionist Michael Gregory (Michael Gregory) reveals what you need to do to finally burn stubborn pounds.

“Burn more energy than you get. That’s all,” says Gregory.

He notes that people often ask what type of exercises to select to effectively lose weight, the answer is always the same: the one that will allow you to burn more calories.

Most people assume that if they increase the number of exercises they perform, you will have a greater effect. In fact, the biggest factor influencing our calories burned, is not activity, how much we run or how many times we visit the hall, and the level of metabolism at rest.

Metabolic rate at rest is around 75% of all calories burned in a day. If you learn how to manage this process, you can have the greatest impact on total calories and melt much of the fat from “reserves”.

Strength training allows loading the muscles so that their recovery will leave more energy alone. So if you want to be muscular with a low percentage of body fat then weight lifting is a better choice than cardio, says Gregory.

Note, Michael Gregory known to US for his ability to deal with excess weight. He is the instructor of crossfit, which received a certificate in Olympic weight-USA weightlifting. Has over 10 years experience valid physical training and high intensity workouts.

“I have extensive experience working with people of all ages, both individually and in a group setting. To share their knowledge about fitness with people who are ready to participate in the program’s health and Wellness, my passion” – says about themselves Michael.


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