The famous Aunt Jemima of Quaker Oats is going to give way to a logo less stereotyped

La fameuse Aunt Jemima de Quaker Oats va laisser la place à un logo moins stéréotypé

Aunt Jemima, a black woman, iconic, which adorns the bottles of syrup in imitation maple syrup and mix for pancakes Quaker Oats on the shelves in the u.s. since more than 130 years to the continuance of “racial stereotypes” and will disappear by the end of the year, announced the company.

“We recognize that the origins of Aunt Jemima is based on a stereotype of a racial,” said the brand, which is part of the group PepsiCo, in a press release.

The image and the name of Aunt Jemima, a woman with dark skin and bright smile, and evoke the south of the United States and, by association, his past, first by slavery, then segregated and where the condition of the black minority remains subject to numerous forms of discrimination.

The image, which has evolved over time, “but not enough” recognizes Quaker Oats, will disappear of all the packaging materials during the last quarter of the year and the company will also quickly change the name.

The United States have known for more than a month of mass demonstrations denouncing the police violence done to African-Americans and, more broadly, against racism in general, and the legacy of hundreds of years of slavery.

In the Face of pressure from the street, the country – and its enterprises – is immersed in a vast insight into the place of the Afro-American population in society and the systemic racism which the strike and perpetuates inequality.

Quaker Oats, whose products, including those of the mark Aunt Jemima, are ubiquitous on the shelves of all the supermarkets in the United States, is the last business date to respond, but before she and many others have promised to amend their recruitment methods to facilitate the hiring of members of visible minorities, or to pay money in order to better facilitate the integration of the community.

The brand announced that it would pay $ 5 million in favour of initiatives for the minority Afro-American.

On Tuesday, it is the parent company PepsiCo, which announced a plan of $ 400 million over 5 years to support black communities and increase the representation of black people at PepsiCo “.

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