The famous illusionist revealed the best magic tricks. Video

Известный фокусник показал лучшие магические трюки. Видео

What is the secret to a fantastic event, hard to say.

A young magician Shin lim mesmerized the audience in the semi-finals of the talent show America’s Got Talent, reports the with reference to Comments.

His assistants became famous top model. While the focus of the illusionist invited the girl to pull out of the deck one card, and then confidently handed the girl a black marker and asked to sign it. Then gently took the map and made her some manipulations, with the result that she began to smoke.

Suddenly the smoke began to go from the mouth of a magician, where he slowly pulled that same card.

In his hands it appeared and then disappeared items that plunged the audience into shock.

Next, the magician turned to the other girl and asked her to do the same operation.

The illusionist, clicked his fingers – and the card magically teleporting it from left hand to right, then from one pocket to another, was he again in his mouth.

Finally, both cards just disappeared into space.

The video ends with a slight movement of the fingers the magician made disappear the whole pack.

What is the secret of the magic captured on video action technical tricks, agility, or illusion, is hard to say.

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