The famous “slave” Zelensky said that Russian women like to stick to them

Знаменитый "подчиненный" Зеленского заявил, что русским женщинам нравится, когда к ним пристают

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Russian theater and movie actor Alexander Petrov, who starred in the film company Zelensky believes that Western values are alien to Russia and Russian women like it when guys take advantage of them. He said this in an interview with “Buro 24/7”.

Reporter asked the 30-year-old interviewee if he was afraid to name things after Hollywood revelations about molestation and rape.
“I think he has the right to say what I think, and the right to stand up for themselves. And certainly I don’t think that my words can be not close to a feminist. We have a different mentality and Western values, we are not accustomed. Russian women like when take advantage of them. A lot like signs of attention,” – said Petrov.

Знаменитый "подчиненный" Зеленского заявил, что русским женщинам нравится, когда к ним пристают

Then he added that Russian women will always be able to stand up for themselves, if it is something do not like.
“We have such a Russian woman if she does not want any man to her will not stick,” – said the actor.

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Petrov also said that does not welcome the blurring of the boundaries between the sexes, “that boys and girls become the same”.

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