The famous supermodel was embarrassing on the street in Sydney

Известная супермодель оконфузилась на улице в Сиднее

The model was dressed in tight leather pants.

Famous supermodel Elle MacPherson, dubbed the ideal figure nickname “the Body” to embarrass on the street in Sydney, Australia.

The famous Australian supermodel, 54-year-old Elle MacPherson visited flower shop in Sydney. When she came out of the shop, in her hands was a luxury bouquet of flowers. The woman was in a good mood and smiled to passersby and paparazzi, who photographed it.

She went to the parked car and suddenly, while as I sat on the back seat of a car, McPherson collapsed to the ground.

The woman was the driver of the car, which gave her hand and helped her up. The bouquet during the fall hostess was not injured.

As assumes the edition, the reason for the sudden fall of a supermodel could become uncomfortable shoes. On Elle MacPherson that day were shoes with high and very narrow heel. In addition, the model was dressed in tight leather pants that were flared at the bottom.

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