The famous Valley was caught in a strange occupation in a cemetery: “we Need flowers and toys”

Знаменитую Долину застали за странным занятием на кладбище: "Нужны цветы и игрушки"

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As you know, the daughter of the famous singer Valley angelina is actively engaged in his page in Instagram and often pleases fans of various photos and videos. So, this time, she spoke about the recent visits to the graves of the dead of the singer Yulia Nachalova.

Note that back in March the famous Nachalova was admitted to the hospital in serious condition, where after a few days she died on 39-m to year of life from a blood infection and heart failure. Therefore, these days daughter Larisa Dolina brought to the grave of the white bear and left it there.

Знаменитую Долину застали за странным занятием на кладбище: "Нужны цветы и игрушки"

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“Snow friend brought. It is seen that every day someone comes. Oh kitty, wrote Valley.

She has also published the relevant pictures of the graves, which show that, near the cross, there are flowers, and on a bench put a big white bear. In the comments many users Express their condolences. However, there are those who believe that the Valley is in Vain brought a stuffed toy: “How you consider, whether the deceased from the living … flowers and toys”

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