The farmers do not have it easy this year

Les agriculteurs ne l’ont pas facile cette année

After a shortage of workers and a decline in productivity, another tile falls on the farmers: the drought.

Never seen that before at this time of the year, advocates Dempsey Side, president of the Union of agricultural producers of the county of Portneuf.

“It has an impact because since the beginning of may, we received about an inch of water. In agriculture, to be happy, he must have about an inch of water per week,” says the one who is also one of the largest producers of maize in the region of Neuville.

The delay of the shoots in the field is important. Normally at this time of the year, the corn rises to the height of its size. At the present time, the corn plants are far from reaching this height.

The season of fever was no exception, ” says Mr. Côté. It is estimated to have harvested approximately 40% to 50% of the normal amount.

“It’s starting to be painful for everyone”, lance-t-il.

Dempsey Next argues, also, that he lacks the half of the foreign labour that he normally uses. If other foreign workers must arrive soon, he will be missed, however, employees by the time of harvest.

The impact will also be felt among the consumers. A scarcity of food is to be expected, he believes.

“We pay more for our wages and all that, so increase in price, it is supply and demand that will whip any”, avance-t-il.

This means fewer products on the shelves and higher prices.

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