The fatal shooting of the series “Matchmakers”: Kvartal 95 lost another star movie

Роковые съемки сериала "Сваты": Квартал 95 потерял еще одну звезду кино

the series “Matchmakers”

today, 20:58

The popular television series “Matchmakers” may be left without another main character, informs a portal “Rush Hour”.

Reportedly, the actress Lyudmila Artemyeva, which performs the role of Olga Nikolaevna, going to Germany. It is possible that forever.

Роковые съемки сериала "Сваты": Квартал 95 потерял еще одну звезду кино

the actors of the series “Matchmakers”

The series “Matchmakers” in addition to the fame brought Artemieva loneliness during filming, she divorced her husband, with whom she lived 15 years, and also lost a baby — pregnancy 48-year-old actress passed with complications, and the schedule of filming and working in the theater has additionally taken its toll on her health minutes.

From Artemieva already has a grown daughter, Catherine, who graduated from the Literature Institute named after Gorki, and works as a translator from German.

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Recall that in early October it became known that the new season of “Matchmakers” will not withdraw. But, the continuation of the series will receive a new name – “in-law”.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, the series “Matchmakers” ceased to exist.

Also the portal Znayu wrote beauty from the series “School” talked about their experiences in childhood.

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