The fate of Patrick Kane soon to be known?

The fate of Patrick Kane soon to be known?


Rumors are getting pretty insistent about the possible departure of Chicago forward Patrick Kane. The American believes that the next few weeks will be decisive in determining whether or not he will stay with the Blackhawks. 

Kane and team captain Jonathan Toews will both become free agents at the end of this season. Since the Hawks are in reconstruction mode, veterans may be tempted to look elsewhere.

Toews opened the door to a new adventure in recent weeks, saying he was a little discouraged by the position in the standings of the Blackhawks. Kane, meanwhile, believes the case will grow after the All-Star Game.

“We've had a few discussions already, but they will no doubt become more serious after the [All-Star Game] break when we return. We have a few games left, so we have to focus on them, take advantage of the break, and then I think things will start to move,” he mentioned Thursday in an interview with

< p>It is currently impossible to know the direction that these discussions took, but the deadline for transactions, March 3, was certainly part of it. Despite Kane's huge $10.5 million salary, teams are expected to be jostling for the star player. At 34, the right winger still has some very good years ahead of him.

“I contact my agent every week to see what is going on. You don't really want to pay too much attention to rumours, because you are in control of your destiny, whether you want to stay or go play somewhere else. The decision has not yet been made,” said number 88.

The Blackhawks, the last team in the Central Division standings, faced the Calgary Flames on Thursday night.