The father of a family devastated by the murder of his 6 year old daughter

Un père de famille dévasté par le meurtre de sa fille de 6 ans

Jonathan Tremblay

The father of the girl of 6 years old who was stabbed to death in Montreal was struggling to understand, on Friday, which could push his ex-wife, who loved their small, to commit such an action.

“I would never have thought that she would have been able to do that. She had a tattoo with the name and date of birth of his daughters “, has blown away the father of the little victim, glassy-eyed, just a few hours after his former spouse of 36 years has been accused of murder not premeditated of their child, at the palais de justice de Montréal.

It appeared by telephone from his hospital bed.

She had the voice calm, but tired, and was not very voluble in addressing the court.

Night of horror

A court order prohibits us from revealing the identity of the child and, therefore, that of the members of his family.

At about 3 a.m. Thursday, the girl of 6 years has experienced a gruesome end, by succumbing to wounds inflicted with a knife, in his home, rue Desautels, in the borough of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

After you have been considered an “important witness” by the authorities, his mother was questioned and then accused Friday of him to have taken his own life.

Loving mother

The relatives of the father of the little girl were still in shock, and in the incomprehension of the total, during the transition from Log to their home.

They had confidence in the mother, when the bambine was with her.

“I don’t understand, because she loved him, in the small “, dropped the paternal grandmother, with emotion.

The latter, who resides with her son, would be busy and her granddaughter for most of her short life.

“We went to the porter at her mother’s home for her to kill,” said the great-aunt of the little with anger, looking at photos of it on his cell. It was his chicken love. She has already said that she would never make him evil. “

The accused has even recently shared his outrage on the social networks faced with the drama of Saint-Apollinaire, where two young girls were murdered by their father, Martin Carpentier, a-t-on could see.

Anything to help the family understand the gesture she would have committed.

“His mother told me that she would make camping this week. The small said to me : “Dad, you going to come pick me up in two or three dodos”, ” said the father, who has been in a relationship with the accused for more than five years.

“When the little one slept, I touched the face, I petted him for me to impregnate her image in a case where it would happen something, he continued, before melting into tears, devastated. I haven’t been able to save it. ”


According to our information, of use problems and mental health could be the cause of the tragedy.

The deadly alleged remained in custody Friday following his appearance.

The defence has not requested that it be evaluated to verify its ability to appear or criminal responsibility.

“For the moment, this is premature “, has informed Me of Elfriede Duclervil.

During his detention, the mother is not able to communicate with his other daughter or the father of the little victim.

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