The father of Britney Spears stripped her of guardianship of the children – media

Due to mental health problems, the singer still can not educate children

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Отце Бритни Спирс лишил ее опекунства над детьми - СМИ

Britney Spears

After the scandal in the family by American singer Britney Spears on the grounds of beating grandson, father star Jamie Spears denied her custody of sons – 13-year-old Sean and 12 year old Cadona.

Britney Spears said that paparazzi ruined her figure in the photo:

According to the publication People, 67-year-old Jamie asked the court Los Angeles with such a request due to psychological issues Britney. He called it “temporary” measures. But initially, the father of celebrity was refused because of the complaints of the ex-wife Spears Kevin Federline that the man beat the older grandson. After this statement, the police Kevin gave 90% of the rights of custody of children. Now Britney Spears is afraid that can and does lose custody of sons. And “can believe” that her father his actions could jeopardize her relationship with her sons.

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Note that Jamie Spears in 2008, was appointed guardian of his daughter. But now custody transferred to her longtime assistant jodie Montgomery.

“Jamie will get the news about Britney and try to make sure that it is protected from people who may try to benefit from the situation. Her mother Lynn will also be there if Britney need help,” says the source.

Earlier, Britney Spears has published in his Instagram a few selfies with 25 years of boredom, which looks happy and in love. However, her mental health being questioned. Recently Britney was spotted in Los Angeles outside the court, where the custody hearing over her life. But attention was attracted by the fact that the star walked barefoot.

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Отце Бритни Спирс лишил ее опекунства над детьми - СМИ

Отце Бритни Спирс лишил ее опекунства над детьми - СМИ

Отце Бритни Спирс лишил ее опекунства над детьми - СМИ


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